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The philosophical research center ‘Pragma’ aims at offering to its fellows and to its wider public the conceptual and formative tools to explore its featuring maxim. ‘Knowing is acting’ represents an entire philosophy and world-view. By moving in a cultural horizon attentive to the integration between the philosophy of praxis and semiotics, Pragma aims at encouraging a [...]


EJPAP (European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy) is an online peer reviewed journal which stems from the experience of the Cultural Society Pragma, and it will be published twice a year. It is accessible  on line and access is free. EJPAP publishes articles which explore the American tradition in philosophy, with a special focus [...]

Peirce Study Center

The Peirce Studies Center (CSP) is the first research center in Italy dedicated to Peirce and Pragmatism. Located at the Università degli Studi di Milano, the Center was originally founded by Carlo Sini and Rossella Fabbrichesi, two affirmed scholars who were among the first to introduce Peirce in Italy. The purpose of the CSP is [...]

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Next 2nd April it will be held at the University of Milan the conference “Peirce (1839-1914) cent’anni dopo. Filosofia, Semiotica, Abduzione“, organized by Massimo A. Bonfantini, Emilio Renzi, Salvatore Zingale, in collaboration with club Psòmega, Casa della Cultura, Fondazione Aldo Aniasi – Circolo De Amicis, Dipartimento di Design del Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi [...]

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Next 24th March it will be held at the department of Humanities of the University of Trieste the workshop “Pragmatics and Pragmatism“, organized by Riccardo Martinelli and Paolo Labinaz. The speakers will be: Andreas Kemmerling (University of Heidelberg), Marina Sbisà (University of Trieste), Rosa M. Calcaterra (University of Roma Tre) and Riccardo Martinelli (University of [...]

Next 18 February 2014 at the John Cabot University of Rome (12:45 – 1:30p.m., Room G.1.1, Guarini Campus) Rosa M. Calcaterra will give a lecture on “Democracy as a way of life” Abstract The religious background of John Dewey’s thought strongly affects his conception of democracy, which nevertheless explicitly claims the independence from supernatural beliefs. [...]

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Next 19th February 2014 (10 a.m.) at the Department of Humanities of the Universisty of Naples, Federico II, Masamichi UENO (Department of Education, Daito Bunka University Tokyo) will give the lecture Democracy and Educational Reform in Japan: Toward John Dewey’s Theory of Public Sphere. Stefano Oliverio will discuss Ueno’s lecture. The seminar, organized by Maura [...]