Online il nuovo numero dello European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy

Online il nuovo numero dello European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy

European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy

EJPAP 2016, Volume 8, Number 1

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Symposia. Dewey’s Democracy and Education as a Source of and a Resource for European Educational Theory and Practice: A Retrospective-Prospective View
Editors: Stephano Oliverio (Università di Napoli Federico II), Maura Striano (Università di Napoli Federico II), Leonard J. Waks (Temple University)


Black diamond (cards) S. Oliverio, M. Striano, L. J. Waks, Editor’s Introduction: Democracy and Education and Europe: A Century Long Exchange…6 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) A. I. Mintz, Dewey’s Ancestry, Dewey’s Legacy, and the Aim of Education in Democracy and Education…23 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) A. Nordin, N. Wahlström, Exploring European Education Policy through the Lens of Dewey’s Democracy and Education…36 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) V. D’Agnese, Narrowing Down Education. A Deweyan Perspective on the EU Educational Framework…60 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) M. Luntley, What’s the Problem with Dewey?77 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) L. A. Hickman, Educational Occupations and Classroom Technology. Lessons from Democracy and Education…100 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) S. Renier, The Many Lives of John Dewey’s Democracy and Education. A Historical Account of the Reception of a Book Still to Be Read…114 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) B. Thoilliez, John Dewey’s Legacy and Spanish Pedagogy131 (pdf)


Symposium on Giovanni Maddalena’s The Philosophy of Gesture, Montreal, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2015
Black diamond (cards) V. Colapietro, Gestures Historical and Incomplete, Critical Yet Friendly…157 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) M. Girel, Gestures in the Making…177 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) E. Guglielminetti, Complete Gesture & … 181 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) S. Pihlström, Anti-Kantianism, an Anti-Pragmatist Gesture…183 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) L. Santaella, A Supplement Instead of a Completion…187 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) G. Maddalena, Grasping the Gesture: Replies to Colapietro, Girel, Guglielminetti, Pihlström and Santaella…191 (pdf)



Black diamond (cards) M. Aboulafia, George Herbert Mead and the Unity of the Self…201 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) G. Baggio, The Influence of Dewey’s and Mead’s Functional Psychology Upon Veblen’s Evolutionary Economics…216 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) N. Jackson, Moral Particularism and the Role of Imaginary Cases. A Pragmatist Approach…237 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) R. Schwartz, Rethinking Pragmatism: From William James to Contemporary Philosophy, West Sussex, Wiley-Blackwell, 2012 (reviewed by M. Bella)…261 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) D. Moreno, Santayana the Philosopher. Philosophy as a Form of Life, Lewisburg, Bucknell University, 2015 (reviewed by N. Horváth)…266 (pdf)


Black diamond (cards) W. M. Curtis, Defending Rorty: Pragmatism and Liberal Virtue, New York, Cambridge University Press, 2015 (reviewed by W. Małecki) …270 (pdf)

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