European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy XI-2 (2019) online

European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy XI-2 (2019) online

Siamo lieti di annunciare che l’ultimo numero dello European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy è ora online.

Il numero ospita un simposio a cura di Guido Baggio e Andrea Parravicini su “Pragmatism and Theories of Emergence“.

Tutti gli articoli sono scaricabili gratuitamente al seguente link:

Qui di seguito l’indice dei contenuti del numero:


Symposia. Pragmatism and Theories of Emergence
Edited by Guido Baggio and Andrea Parravicini

Guido Baggio and Andrea Parravicini
Introduction to Pragmatism and Theories of Emergence

Andrea Parravicini
Pragmatism and Emergentism in Chauncey Wright’s Evolutionary Philosophy

Kermit Snelson
The Throne of Mnemosyne. Pragmatism and Emergence as Aspects of Organic Memory

Jimmy Aames
Patternhood and Generality. A Peircean Approach to Emergence 

Maria Regina Brioschi
Does Continuity Allow for Emergence? An Emergentist Reading of Peirce’s Evolutionary Thought

Pedro Atã and João Queiroz
Emergent Sign-Action. Classical Ballet as a Self-Organized and Temporally Distributed Semiotic Process

Michela Bella
Novelty and Causality in William James’s Pluralistic Universe. From Psychology to Metaphysics

Stephen Pratten
Dewey on Organisation

Guido Baggio
Evolution and Emergence. Comparing C. Lloyd Morgan’s Emergentism and G.H. Mead’s Processual Ontology

Lawrence Cahoone
Mead and the Emergence of the Joint Intentional Self

Scott C. Taylor
G.H. Mead’s Philosophical Hermeneutics of the Present


Mónica Gómez Salazar
Justificación Y Noción De Verdad

Antonio Lizzadri
Putnam e la critica dell’epistemologia contemporanea: spunti pragmatisti

Roberto Gronda
Natura e storia. Il relativismo oggettivo di John H. Randall, Jr.


Book Review

Guido Baggio
Razinsky Hili, Ambivalence. A Philosophical Exploration (London-New York, Rowman & Littlefield, 2017, p. ix, 285 pages)

Mehmet Sadik Bektas
Axtell Guy, Problems of Religious Luck: Assessing the Limits of Reasonable Religious Disagreement (Lanham-Boulder-New York-London: Lexington Books, 2019, 280 pages)

Céline Henne
Levine Steven, Pragmatism, Objectivity, and Experience (Cambridge University Press, 2019, 262 pages)

Claudio Davini
Ward Roger, Peirce and Religion: Knowledge, Transformation and the Reality of God (Lanham, Lexington Books, 2018, 184 pages)

Jared Kemling
Skowroński Krzysztof Piotr & Sami Pihlström (eds), Pragmatist Kant: Pragmatism, Kant, and Kantianism in the Twenty-first Century (Helsinki, Nordic Studies in Pragmatism 4, 2019, 327 + x pages)