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“The Pragmatist Turn and Embodied Cognition” – Università di Parma 5-7 Aprile 2017

“The Pragmatist Turn and Embodied Cognition” – Università di Parma 5-7 Aprile 2017

Dal 5 al 7 aprile si terrà presso l’Università di Parma il convegno internazionale “The Pragmatist Turn and Embodied Cognition: Habit and Experience at the Crossroads between Pragmatism, Neuroscience, and Social Ontology“. Qui di seguito il programma:


       The Pragmatist Turn and Embodied Cognition:

Habit and Experience at the crossroads between Pragmatism, Neurosciences, and Social Ontology

       5-7 April, 2017

       University of Parma, Italy



Wednesday, April 5th


The Pragmatist Turn and 4E Cognition

                                   APRIL 5th 9,00 9,30 Registration
9,30 10,30 Dan Hutto (University of Wollongong), Seeing the Pragmatic Turn by Radical Lights: Neurodynamics Without Representation
10,30 11,05 Massimiliano Cappuccio (UAE University), How Basic is a Mind Without a Content? In Search of Primitives of Cognition
11,05 11,30 Break
11,30 12,30 Pierre Steiner (COSTECH/UCH, Paris), So Close Yet So Far: Deweyan Adverbialism and 4E Cognitive Science
12,30 14,30 Lunch Break


Embodiment, Emotions, and Experience
14,30 15,30 Jessica Lindblom (University of Skövde), On the Embodied Nature of Sense-Making Practices
15,30 16,05 Guido Baggio (Roma Tre University), From Dewey’s Experience to Mead’s Act
16,05 16,30 Break
16,30 17,30 Fausto Caruana (University of Parma), Affective Enactivism through the Lens of Brain Stimulation
17,30 18,05 Anna Boncompagni (University of Firenze), Gesture as Embodied Normativity. A Pragmatist Perspective


Thursday, April 6th


Pragmatist Naturalism and Social Ontology

                                          APRIL 6th 9,00 10,00 Arvi Särkelä (University of Lucerne), Naturalistic Metaphysics and Human Sociality
10,00 10,35 Conor Morris (University College Dublin), Naturalism: Beyond Explanation and Towards Ampliative Criticism
10,35 11,00 Break
11,00 12,00 Italo Testa (University of Parma), Habit Ontology, Action, and Imagination
12,00 12,35 Francesco Consiglio (University of Granada), Human Stigmergy. An Alternative to Collective Intentionality Based on Stigmergy and Peircean Semiotics
12,35 14,30 Lunch Break


Habit, Motor Action, and Morality
14,30 15,30 Richard Menary (Macquarie University), Exploratory Habits: Abduction, Embodiment, and Predictive Processing
15,30 16,05 John Machielsen (Tilburg University), Habit Based Understanding of Intuitive Judgments in Social Psychology
16,05 16,40 Gabriele Ferretti (University of Urbino), Visuomotor Habits
16,40 17,00 Break
17,00 18,00 Corrado Sinigaglia (University of Milan), The Power of Action
18,00 18,35 Roberta Dreon (Ca’ Foscari University), Creatures of Habit



Friday, April 7th


Images, Symbols, and Aesthetic Experience

9,00 10,00 Vittorio Gallese (University of Parma), The Embodied Experience of Images
10,00 10,35 Joerg Fingerhut (Berlin School of Mind and Brain), Pictorial Practices and the 4E Mind
10,35 11,00 Break
11,00 11,35 Mariagrazia Portera / Mauro Mandrioli (University of Zagreb / University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), Aesthetic Habit and Aesthetic Experience: An Evolutionary View
                    APRIL 7th 11,35 12,10 Tullio Viola (Humboldt Universität, Berlin), Habit and the Symbolic Process: Peirce, Mead, Edgar Wind
12,10 14,00 Lunch Break


Algorithms, Meanings, and Concepts
14,00 15,00 Teed Rockwell (Sonoma State University), Algorithms and Stories
15,00 15,35 Renne Pesonen (University of Tampere), Constructivism and Abstraction in (Neo)pragmatist Concept Naturalism
15,35 16,10 Mark-Oliver Casper (Ruhr University Bochum), Neo-Pragmatism, Enactivism, and the Scaling Problem
16,10 16,30 Break
16,30 17,30 Pentti Määttänen (University of Helsinki), Habit, Meaning, and Intentionality
17,30 18,05 Takafumi Kato (Nagoya University), Abduction for the Concept Pragmatism